7 Health Tips For Women Over 60

Health is the one thing that needs continuous attention especially when one is growing old. A woman needs to pay more attention to her health especially in the current scenario. A woman’s health plays a vital role in the development of a family since she handles everything in the house. She needs to follow certain health tips in order to keep herself healthy. This would help her in maintaining a healthy family. Some of the tips go as follows:1) Regular intake of calcium in the form of milk, yogurt or milk related products
2) Consumption of healthy vegetables and high protein foods
3) Regular exercise
4) Intake of adequate water
5) Practice yoga
6) Regular doctor check-ups
7) Maintain a healthy life styleApart from the above seven tips enjoying the nature and its beauty will make you feel fresh and happy. It helps you to deviate from your routine and stressful life and also relaxes you and your mind to an extent that you will not feel the pressure your daily activities or your daily routine is putting on your health. Stress plays a very vital role in a persons life. The amount of stress one goes through can make a person change the way she looks. And to overcome this stress its very important for one to deviate at least for some time from what he/she does.Stress can make a 20 year old look like a 35 year old so DO NOT stress yourself. And if a situation arises wherein you have no other go take a break at least for a while and do something you like the most. It can be cooking, gardening anything that would help you have some fun and relax for a while. More than all these things it is said that laughter is the best cure, best preventive medicine for anything. Being happy and enjoying everything helps you maintain a healthy day and thereby a healthy you. Taking everything positive from even the odds and moving confidently helps us in carrying a healthy perspective of everything in life.So, if one wants to be healthy even in sixties, one needs to be happy and follow a proper healthy and nutritious diet. Be calm and sweet and enjoy the sweet sixties.

Good Health Tips and Facts

Good health is as good as any other thing. To have good health, health principles should be applied.1. Always stay in a good and quiet environment to prevent excessive noise from disturbing your thinking ability.
2. Be very good in the selection of good food and balanced diet.
3. Love to exercise either by playing football or basketball.
4. Don’t form the habit of eating lately.
5. Always learn how to take fresh air in the evening outside.
6. Do try to take a walk after eating.
7. Don’t use your toilet without washing it.
8. Always take clean water and especially the naturally treated type.
10. Please do learn how to wear thick clothes when there is cold.
11. Use warm water when it is cold.
12. Use cold water when it is hot weather.
13. Don’t use any body cream that is not of standard.
14. Be good in the preparation of good food by using natural processes.
15. Let your car be cleaned before using it.
16. Don’t enter a place that is not good to your body.
17. If you have asthma, please don’t go near a place where there is smoke and avoid dust in all as much as possible.
18. If you are having eye problems, don’t use an eye glass that is not treated or recommended by a highly qualified eye doctor.
19. Always learn the habit of smiling when you are troubled.
20. Good keeping of environment should be done,either by sweeping or brushing.
21. The finger nails should be kept clean all the time to prevent contamination of germs.
22. let your clothes be in good condition before wearing it.
23. Always use mosquito net to cover you doors and windows in other to prevent their entrance into the house.
24. Make sure your mouth is always brushed before and after bed.
25. Above all, pray to GOD for good health without season and be faithful for the prayer you have prayed.